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Sewing machinery industry:Technology change the future Time:2014-08-02    views:

At once, the 2014 has passed half, in the downstream of the apparel industry, is still in a profound transformation, in the upstream of the sewing machine industry, are continuously looking for opportunities in the big bang, innovative technology products, realize the leap. As the economy gradually pick up, brought a new round of development opportunities in industry field, sewing equipment industry as the traditional manufacturing industry, stepped up closely integrated with new technologies, new methods, to cater to more varied mass consumer demand, the traditional industry opened up the pace of the transition, came up with many new changes and trends.


Technology as the first productivity, production means and the public demand of the changing environment, never stop steps forward, has been undergoing profound adjustments and changes, with the continuous application of network technology, new media means and upgrade, sewing equipment industry further tightened closely fusion steps, together with the rising of the value of human resources, make the whole industry automation, computerization and so on from the trend of the human is more outstanding, become the focus of market competition of the new round.


Sewing equipment industry has always been a "big clothing" by one ring of the highest levels of science and technology, its technological innovation will direct relationship between the clothing enterprise transformation and upgrading, the realization of the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection. At the same time, as a complementary industry chain, sewing equipment industry of science and technology innovation must also be closely related to the production demand of clothing enterprise, use sewing equipment technological innovation to change clothing production.

In addition, equipment enterprises for their own development, also in order to meet the demand of clothing enterprise, constantly changing in the production, to the innovation of technology will also in the production equipment of each link, there are more present. The innovation of technology, garment production process in the future, will play a more and more important role, and technology is, and always will change the production.