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Industrial Sewing Machine VS Domestic Sewing machine Time:2016-07-16    views:

Industrial vs domestic Industrial Sewing Machine VS Domestic Sewing machine Industrial sewing machines are larger, faster, and more varied in their size, cost, appearance, and task. Industrial machines, unlike domestic machines, perform a single dedicated task and are capable of long hours of usage and as such have larger moving parts and comparatively much larger motors. Industrial machines are also more generic; a motor for almost any type of machine can work on any brand. Overlocker or straight-stitch machine motors are the same. Sewing feet and bobbins between brands are also interchangeable. However, with domestic machines the motor, and to a lesser extent bobbins and sewing feet, are brand specific. The motors on industrial machines, as with most of their components, lights, etc., are separate, usually mounted to the underside of the table. Domestic machines have their OEM motors mounted inside the machine. Industrial machines usually have two types of motors: a servo motor (which use less electricity and are silent when not in use), and the more traditional clutch motor (which is always spinning; even when not in use) keywords: ukicra sewing machine;household sewing machine; mini sewing machine; portable sewing machine; domestic sewing machine;china sewing machine;