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Presser feet of sewing machine Time:2016-05-25    views:

Types of presser feet of sewing machine Many clothing accessories need to be equipped with special sewing machine presser foot, in addition, various forms of sewing machine presser foot plays in the production of clothing is very important, such as the presser foot for top stitching, zipper level sewing machine presser foot concealed zipper special sewing machine, sewing machine pleated sewing foot. The crimping feet sewing machine and so on. In different sewing machine presser foot is very important to select different operation. Pin and needle plate under the stress of sewing products have a great relationship pressure sewing and sewing machine some special products, in order to understand this kind of sewing machine presser foot is more clear, here we first to send cloth to do some analysis of the force. With the sewing machine as an example, the fabric cloth feeding teeth by the driving force, the friction between fabric, needle plate friction, sewing machine presser foot, needle plate supporting force effect. Because of the lower fabric is take the initiative to send cloth cloth feeding teeth, so the cloth feeding quantity and teeth needle step is almost uniform, but the upper fabric often because of friction causes lagging behind, this is the normal operation is always the main reason why the upper fabric is stretched, so in the operation technique is usually used on “ send the drop-down ” the appropriate adjustment. To produce friction involved in cloth feeding at the same time in the formation pressure of presser feet of sewing machine, which can also special shape to curling, alignment, card edge, such as obstacle avoidance function. Ukicra sewing machine, household sewing machine, domestic sewing machine,mini sewing machine, portable sewing machine