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How to sew different kinds of fabrics 1. Knitted fabric To avoid damaging single thread by needle, you should use small needle whose pin is like a ball.The mesh of knitted fabric sometimes can be destroyed because of machinery performance and heat effect. Machinery destroy is directly related to fabric structure. If the sewing machine needle pierce to the mesh, a single thread will be inevitably drawn out. But thread won not be destroy if the abrasion of thread and thread are too tight. When this thread tension rise sharply, the fiber will be damaged. To prevent the destruction of the mesh, you must pay attention to: 1, do not use a broken needle.   2, check if the feed dog, needle board, press foot have sharp edges and burr or not.  3, the size of the needle should be as small as possible.   4, use needle with a small spherical tip (R - SES) . 5, use suture lubricants (for example, embellish seam mixture) can get very good effect. Suture lubricants can infiltrate fabric through thread, or make the sewing material wet before sewing. However, it can avoid heat from destroying knitted mesh. Some fabric are mesh. This special processing is produced to ensure stitch-ability, which may reduce or even completely avoid damage to the friction between the mesh in a great extent. 2. Elastic fabric Clothing lining belongs to elastic fibers. Needle may destroy the single fiber, which may affect the strength and function of the lining. Use needle with a ball pinpoint as thin as possible. You should use big ball point needle because of the thick thread of cloth lining. What’s more, use embellish seam mixture on the fabric before sewing to reduce friction. Article Resource: Key Words:  sewing machine household sewing machine sewing machine brands electric sewing machine sewing machine manufacturer