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Sewing fault repair tips Time:2014-09-27    views:

         1, sewing in a sudden stop; power indicator light, but the hand wheel heavy lag unbearable. 
Possible Cause (hereinafter referred to as the "Cause"): long-term work in the low-speed sewing machine status; overheating could cause the motor power is automatically turned off. 
        Solution (hereinafter referred to as "solved"): Turn off the power and wait for 20 minutes, the insurance unit will restart the machine is ready to begin work. 
        2, do not take the needle 
The reason: the thread runs out; presser foot is not down; shuttle spool not in the correct position. 
Solution: Replace empty spool and re-recognize the needle; Lower the presser foot; shuttle spool pressure in the end and left homing; lower the buttonhole lever. 
        3, sewing machines like the line full length 
Cause: The presser foot or needle collision does not match presser foot; machine off and snaps into crochet needle. 
Solution: Replace the presser foot; remove the needle and install a new needle. 
        4, the upper thread breaks 
        Cause: Improper on-line; cable tie; thread tension is too large; needle bent, blunt tip or trachoma; needle shapes substandard; needle placement is wrong; needlework with misconduct; sewing muzzle velocity too; threading without pick thread. 
        Solution: Re-normal on-line; eliminate online knot; adjust clamp pressure; replace the needle; replace the appropriate number type of machine needles; proper placement of the needle; change line or needle exchange; to start sewing speed; check on-line step . 
        5, the bottom line disconnection 
Cause: The bobbin is not fully inserted into the bobbin case; bobbin is wire wrapped; bobbin in the bobbin housing dysfunctional; has yarn on shuttle shell or shuttle. 
Solution: Carefully re-loading the bobbin bobbin case; finishing bobbin case outlet; check bobbin may be damaged; clean up the bobbin case and the bobbin. 
        6, jumper 
Cause: The thread tension is too large; needle bent or blunt; needle shapes wrong; needlework with misconduct; line without passing through the wiper; presser foot pressure is not enough; improper needle placement. 
Solution: thread tension adjustment; replace the needle; selecting the appropriate number type machine needles; replacing the needle or wire; check threading step; increase the presser foot pressure; again on the needle. 
        7, the undesirable trace 
Cause: The machine is not completely pulled into line sensor; threading the wrong way; bobbin case qualify error; inconsistent spool cap sizes. 
        Solution: Machine line fully pulled into the sensor; correct threading; correct bobbin case outlet; switch to match the size of the spool cap.