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Advantages of small family sewing machine Time:2014-09-26    views:

With small family sewing machine (DIY) fashion, home use sewing machines for small growing demand,
let's summarize what are the advantages of home sewing machines 
First, the advantages 
1, and compared to traditional sewing machines, small electric sewing machine compact shape,
take up less space, very light weight, the girls can be easily picked up with one hand, so to take place is very convenient; 
2, accessories very practical, beside sewing machine presser foot working lights and invisible lines cut; 
3, with a removable bumper. Work lights may need to open and close, play the role of lighting, but work lights turned twelve minutes later become very hot, so during threading, 
Should be taken to avoid scalding yourself when inserted into fabrics and other operations. Upon completion of sewing, you can use to configure the suture line scissors cut, convenient and quick.