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Sewing casual style on the grounds of the sky Time:2014-09-25    views:

 One day, around young friend intentionally sent messages over and told me to play a full day of sewing machine to make her feel very strange very excited. It seems with the popularity of household electric sewing machines, sewing machine is no longer a tool of childhood memories and make beautiful clothes, but also become a casual style of modern life. 
70s of last century, the sewing machine is necessary for each family "large." With household consumption upgrading, old-fashioned sewing machine foot, almost disappeared in the market. The past two years, small size, "body" portable electric sewing machine, began to walk into people's lives, as many fabric lovers "favorite." 
New home desktop multifunction sewing machines, compact, ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The biggest difference with the old home desktop multifunction sewing machine sewing machine is that it is electric, the CVT external control pedal. Secondly, it is only one tenth of the volume of the old models, functional but it is ten times or even several times the old models, and began to intelligent direction. 
Multifunction sewing machine can sew curves, catcher, sewing buttonholes, etc., could meet all the needs of their family. And a smart embroidery machine can be connected to the U disk, which will be directly embroidered pictures. The main function of household sewing machines that have no garment sewing, but has become women's leisure and entertainment tool, make some to meet the individual needs of the sewing work for leisure, like handbags, accessories, cushions, tapestries, dolls or children's small clothing and so on, to experience the fun of DIY. Sewing also become one of the courses students work skills course. 
This sewing casual initially launched in Shanghai and other cities in recent years, has also been a lot of people's favorite Nantong. Many now come to buy a sewing machine young women, there is a fabric store also permanent classes provide simple production of materials, how to make cloth professor site. After a lot of people bought a sewing machine, they learn quilting class directly in the fabric, sewing and other needlework, learn how to make cloth cushions, tablecloths, embroidery, and even making some simple skirt and blouse. Sewing bring more creative and DIY fun, there is a return to the era of pure feelings.