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Sewing machine sewing basics Time:2014-09-24    views:

 With the progress of science and technology, making increasingly sophisticated garment machinery, sewing machine pedal past has gradually been high, medium and low-speed electric sewing machine, bag sewing machine (ie, usually called a three-line machine) replaced, so as never contact over modern garment processing and manufacturing of migrant workers, from the foundation to learn, understand the garment sewing tools and sewing terminology used is very important. 
        Garment sewing process is the crystallization of working people through the practice of continuous improvement of labor, accumulated outstanding technology, which fully embodies the wisdom of working people, while around the sewing of the object, not necessarily the same species, but the equipment used is basically the same , the principle is the basic communication process, in the past many cutting sewing books are also varying degrees were described and summarized, but beginners feel more complicated, not all of a sudden learn, here we tell you from simple to complex machine the basics of sewing. 
        The basic stitch sewing machine and terminology 
        Flat seam: basic machine sewing, the two front laminated clothes, sew along the seam edge. 
        Separate joints: Based on the flat seam, the seam separating the two fingernails or iron seam. 
        Block backstitch: on the basis of the flat seam, sew hair unilateral seat back seam. 
        Come and sew: Ji above first slit 0.3cm, trimmed hair pins, folding laminated front seam Ji was 0.7cm seam opposite edge. 
        Take the seam: the two mutually overlapping seam in the middle of sewing the seam suitable collar lining, chest lining stitching. 
        Dark bag sewing: sewing the bag also known that two positive overlap, wrap the upper from the lower seam 0.5cm 0.6cm Ji, the flip front, Ming Ji 0.4cm confined to the mouth of the seam. 
        Ming bag sewing: sewing, commonly known as outsourcing, that is the opposite superimposed layers, the upper from the lower parcel 0.8cm 0.7cm seam Ji, the flip will wrap seam down, Yanbian along the positive Ji-0.1cm, mouth sewn clean only.