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Broken sewing machine repair techniques Time:2014-09-23    views:

Break the machine during sewing, one of the most common faults, for sewing machine, the disconnection phenomenon generally be divided into sections line and off the bottom line. 
        Section line 
        1, there is an acute edge pinhole needle or needle groove hair; used or replaced with new needle after polishing pinhole 
        2, each hole section over the line nap surface line, the suture disruption in the movement; usable sand leather polish or wire coated with a light pull polishing paste, polishing 
        3, with a thick material sewing thread; corresponding replace sutures 
        4, suture strength poor; replace sutures 
        5, the pressure line pressure is too tight, the suture bruised or broken Artex; Loosen clamp should be appropriately female mule 
        6, the hook inside the tank has an acute angle, the suture bumps or Artex break; should bobbin polished, then test equipment, or replacement of the rotary hook 
        7, the hook and the hook shuttle frame notch mismatch; adjust the positioning hook with the hook, so the thread can be passed 
        8, needle overheat the fiber line fuse; respond fiber line to take the needle or suture cold indeed (silicone oil) 
        9, needle plate capacity pinhole edge burrs and sharp angle so bruised sutures; usable yarn rope and pull light polishing paste, but can not pull too large, too large to cause jumper 
       10, the position of the needle installed wrong; adjust the needle to the correct position 
       11, needle bending; replacement needle 
       12, the needle bar next trip wrong, the thread on the needle bar crank, crank position mule nail is not positioned in the thread groove crank or locate in the wrong direction; should be repositioned to correct errors after positioning direction 
        Off bottom 
       1, bobbin wound too full, too loose, too messy, so the bottom line outlet poor sewing process, resulting in disconnection; winder may be amended, the winding bobbin reaches uniform, compact, neat that can 
       2, bobbin or bobbin concentricity too bad, running is not flexible; improve shuttle grams appropriate coordination with the bobbin 
       3, the feed dog position too, from the bottom of the feed dog fast mouth and the bottom line is too small to qualify, so the bottom line and the bottom teeth, mouth happen soon contact friction; reasonable adjustments to the level of the feed dog position, or remove the feed dog Pilar with light sand bottom teeth fast mouth 
       4, the bottom line of the mouth shuttle skin pressure due to wear and tear caused by fast mouth; replacement shuttle skin 
       5, the hook edge hairy skin, wipe off the bottom line; grinding not only at the edge of the hook leather 
       6, shuttle and shuttle grams leather shell with the bad, with a gap, the tension does not qualify Zhuo; reasonable adjustments shuttle skin and with the gap shuttle grams shell, so the bottom line did not change thread tension