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Sewing Machine "three maintenance system" Time:2014-09-22    views:

Routine maintenance 
Routine maintenance of sewing equipment by operating workers, ordinary equipment utilization classes before or after classes 5 to 10 minutes time to carefully check the equipment, focusing on equipment utilization classes before or after classes 10 to 15 minutes time to carefully check the equipment. And require all parts of the machine and wipe filling oil, the equipment keep neat, clean, lubricate and safe. Ban the equipment failure, timely excluded. 
A maintenance 
Machine running a month (single shift) once a maintenance need. A maintenance by the operator responsible for the preservation of industrial machine repair guidance, as required partial disassembly of equipment and cleaning up the site requirements, and clear the oil, pipelines, clean up the oil line, linoleum, oil filter, adjust the positioning device ministries with the gap, tighten loose screws. 
Two maintenance 
Two maintenance in addition to doing a maintenance content, the machine repair workers responsible for preservation, once every other year, partial disintegration of equipment inspection and repair, replace or repair worn parts, cleaning, oil change, check the repair of electrical parts, partial recovery accuracy to meet the requirements of normal operation of the machine.