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Sewing needles of different fabrics appear to jump circumstances handling skills Time:2014-09-16    views:

Different fabrics appear jumper cases handled each skill: 
A processing method sewing needle jump down the fabric in the sewing special thick at
Down fabric plus vacuum cotton, sewn down the formation of special thick layer O.7-1.1 cm, the machine needle and suture in this state, is not easy to form a good line loop, which led jumper. Under the circumstances of this special thick layer, first solve the problem of feeding, the feed dog replaced by thick material type feed dog. Needle plate capacity pinhole should be bigger, feed cam also be adjusted accordingly, adjusting standards: teeth to the highest point, the needle tip should be within the capacity of the needle plate pinhole: needle bar height also substantial adjustment, the needle bar under the needle bar height should be dead center, next to the needle bar scale and then to a third line under O.1 cm Thus, with increasing needle bar stroke principle, to complete the hook line: needle and hook line time also varies adjust the needle bar rises from the lower dead point to the mark when the first wire angle, angle adjustment value and above consensus; increase the presser foot pressure: Internet thick material, machine needles easy to produce friction heat, may also make the wire loop difficult to form, needed filling silicone oil over the line when necessary at ways to solve. 
Second, silk sewn in the sand before sewing the fabric due to the emergence of two-tier approach jumper 
Silk fabrics without the sand in front of fabric sewn very astringent and very hard, so that led to the sewing machine needle and suture line feed can not produce a good ring to form a jumper. Check whether the needle bar wear gap: Check the hook point is good and the standard because the hook point is a key component hook line, do not have glitches, bald and other illnesses, such as found, should be gold with a diamond file or whetstone with sandpaper grinding up to standard, and then adjust the angle; check the height of the needle bar, needle bar height standard: When the needle bar lower dead point, the needle bar scale in the second line should be the root line. Thus, when the needle bar rises first lines, adjust the needle and hook point angle for the best. Adjust the angle to be noted: If the needle bar a little gap, it is necessary to use his left hand to push the needle bar to the left a little bit, and then make adjustments. Adjust the angle of the standard needle and bobbin for: needle bar rises from the dead to the first scale line, the hook point should be on the machine pinhole 1.1-1.5cm, while the hook tip and needle backlash to O.02-0.05cm; feed mechanism is also key, first check the feed cam is marked; good, because sewing thin material, teeth should be lower, should be properly adjusted feed cam.