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Sewing machine to clean the dirt prolonged use could result in card line problems Time:2014-09-15    views:

In general sewing machinery products are then occur in the course of the vibration is normal, but severe vibration will be carried out inspection, maintenance, and then the question card line is generally what causes it? 
First, if the vibration, we first check whether the sewing equipment has been put smooth installation machine screws must be screwed firmly to tighten the screws on the platen deep point, so as not to expose the far surface. Or the ground itself is uneven phenomenon. Weight people do all the pressure on the platen to prevent platen deformation. 
So for the card line leather sewing machine has a few suggestions below: push the needle plate, remove the shuttle sets, wipe with a cloth, the feed teeth cleaning dirt, oil drops run, long run dirt are common card line status, which tells us to always do the cleaning. 
Adjust the tightness of the spring, making it a smooth, natural pull, shuttle put the screws too tight or too loose.