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Clever use of ground maintenance Time:2014-09-13    views:

Multifunction sewing machine and an old sewing machine using the main points are very different, beginners need to have some machine running process. Just started using a sewing machine to Deep threading and sew a straight line from start practicing, experience foot pedal speed and coordination. Skilled needle straight down and then practice, sewing pattern, and finally catcher. If you try to one up on the high degree of difficulty of the operation, it is prone to broken needles, is broken. 
Routine maintenance of the sewing machine and do not be ignored. Correct use is well maintained. Secondly, at the time of the presser foot down, the needle should not go empty. In addition, usually to promptly clean up the end of the shuttle position, wear a lot of dirt on the machine. After two drops of oil cleanup maintain lubrication. Regularly to the needle bar should also be part of the nose should be within the refueling. 
Frequently occur during normal use jumpers, needle and other issues, how to solve it? Experts also gives the detection and resolution methods. 
Jumper: First, improper use can cause the needle to bend the jumper, then switch the needle on it; dislocation move the needle bar may also lead to a jumper, the best professional service; sewing elastic fabric may also cause jumper, this time dedicated elastic needle exchange, or covered in a layer of newspaper under the fabric, sewing will be torn newspaper. 
Needle: exchange flower will swing clockwise, at this time if there is no lift and the needle on the cloth, it is likely to cause the needle to break, break. If substandard quality needle, needle will directly replace the can. 
Wrapped line: This is due to the result of on-line too loose. First on the line should be used to adjust the knob tightening lines, you should also check when stringing lines have not entered the clamp piece inside.