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Once upon a time, the sewing machine is indispensable for every family "big". With the improvement of living standards, it gradually fade out the line of sight of people, but in recent years, it has to cabinet body, a variety of gorgeous regression function, become a fashionable personage sewing interest "to be bestowed favor on newly". But along with the increase in function, the choose and buy and maintenance also to have certain skills. Quick, come with us. 
Function is not simple 
See in the market, the new home desktop multi-function sewing machine, compact appearance, household desktop multi-function sewing machine and the difference from old sewing machines, electric, it is controlled by external stepless pedal. The volume of a second, it is only about one over ten of the old model, function is old type more than a dozen times and even more, and began to intelligent direction. , multi-functional, overlock sewing machine can sew curve button, sewing, etc., basic can satisfy the all requirements of household. And an intelligent embroidery machine can be connected to the U disk, will be one of the pictures directly embroiders. 
At present the proportion of young people in the crowd consumption soared in sewing machine, it become the tool of home fashion experience. Consumers have already begun to as a "toy" household multi-functional sewing machine, rather than to save and use "the means of production". 
Choose machine main points 
Sewing machine so, how do consumers according to their own needs to buy? 
First of all to confirm whether the brand has a complete after-sales service system. Because the sewing machine is small, but the structure is complex, when use can get timely guidance and maintenance is very important. 
We have learned, multi-function sewing machine model, a lot of, also have different functions. Expert introduction, choose machine mainly depends on demand, not necessarily expensive is the best. Average household can be as long as the choice to meet the need of sewing, there is no need to buy high-end machines such as embroidery machine. Before upgrade must be fully trial, please sales staff will introduce the basic function of the machine and maintenance points are clear, best can be marked on the instruction for use, in order to home after reference. The correct use and maintenance, can prolong the service life of the machine, reduce the failure rate. After the completion of the choose and buy should check whether the random distribution of accessories is complete. The expert reminds, could be as many as two dozen sewing machine accessories, so it's very important to carefully check, lest affect normal use. Finally, don't forget to ask for regular consumption vouchers, warranty CARDS, etc.