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Pedal household sewing machine repair and maintenance Time:2014-09-02    views:

(a) disconnect problem:
1. Now quality is uneven, the stitching on the market, please don't buy cheap, method is to sell the first line of the bargain, if they dare to cut prices, determined not to buy.
2. Needle deformation, don't deal with, in the needle, needle, beginners should use 14th the strength and toughness than 9, 12 needle and durable.
Back 3. Through the study, with the hand wheel on the control to the inversion of control, so as to not hang line, empty machine.
4. The needle and thread to match, can't do thick with fine needle, for example, a lot of people because of a lack of basic knowledge of sewing machine, often make such mistakes.
5. When sewing thick pieces need to lift the presser foot (lift), or may result in breakage of bolt.
(2) card line problem
1. With dirt. (push the needle plate, take out the spindle, spindle bed, bobbin, brush with cotton cloth rub-up, again cloth with coarse net duck feather brush his teeth in the dirt, drops of oil to run) on
2. The nose clip wire, spring too tight or too loose. (adjust the firmness of the spring, make it smooth and natural pull)
3. The screw on the spindle sleeve is too tight or too loose. (method is simple, adjusting screw)
4. To the problem of card wire and two prevention method, a line is the bottom line thickness to remain consistent. Second, must according to the rules of order threading, can't wear the wrong.
(3) the vibration problem
Should put 1. The machine is stable, when installing machine bolt must be screwed firmly, the screw on the counter to turn darker, not to reveal surface.
2. When using the machine, people don't all the weight of the pressure on the bedplate, sitting position to nature, a bit like writing brush calligraphy.
(4) household sewing machine maintenance
1. The sewing machine was idle, put pressure foot pad, a layer of cloth on the nose will cover cloth in case of dust, moistureproof, prevent bask in.
2. Remove the nose section dirt, don't use toothpicks, needles and other sharp objects, so as not to damage parts.
3. The belt is used long will pull more and more loose, the machine will walk not to walk, if really can't buy a new belt, are a belt. The method of making the belt is made waste material trousers cut into one inch wide ribbons in a stout rope, needle connection, length to be equal to the original belt length, after hanging up, can be used.
4. Often oiled, not too much at a time