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Handling of cloth before use
A: before sewing on the fabric, we'll be the first to know about the characteristics of fabric:
Because scalability fabrics in different direction is different, it is divided into horizontal grain, straight grain

and twill, straight grain means and the direction of the edge level, the direction of scalability is best lowest

stable performance; Is the direction of the edge and the vertical and horizontal grain, the direction of scalability

is higher than straight grain, but stability is lower.
Twill and edge is 45 degrees direction, the direction of the highest scale, but the stability of the worst.
What the properties of the fabric is of great help to our tailoring, sewing in some round edge, arc edge when using

drill is better, and sewing some side and bottom, using straight grain is best.
2: to shrink the fabric
Buy back cloth fabric cannot be used directly, should be the original fabric when meet water shrinks, sewing

directly, it will cause deformation of clothing, now introduce how to shrink the fabric: first put the cloth on

temperature of 40 degrees soaked in water for 30 minutes, if the fabric fading, should soak a few times more, until

the water has no color, if rub off serious can put a spoonful of salt.
Fabrics shrink, we want to be dry processing, and then have to be placed according to the scale of cloth, the

stability of the straight grain is best, make the direction of vertical fabric and the ground, in the dry cloth

don't pull too straight, because the shrinkage properties of cloth will be displayed when dry, slightly wrinkled

when dry cloth. If not so, air-dried will be finer than the middle on both ends of the cloth, when I was in the air

to 9 into dry cloth can be ironed, so easier to iron out, if the cloth some crease were difficult to be pressed, can

put a little white vinegar on it so easy to iron.