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Household sewing machine heavy popular quilting arts sadly arisen Time:2014-08-29    views:

And eighties of the last century, as the home of one of the "3 big" sewing machine can come a glorious period. However, as the family consumption upgrading, old-fashioned pedal sewing machine, almost disappeared in the market.
In recent years, with sewing machinery products to high speed, intelligence, versatility, household sewing machine regression streak. Small, "body" of portable electric household sewing machines, entered people's lives, become a lot of cloth art lovers "darling".
DIY quilting sewing toward a first in China began in big cities such as Shanghai, with many other city people love. Purchase of household sewing machine is mostly young women, many people bought a sewing machine, in cloth art class directly. Quilts, its strong individuality color and classical aestheticism appeal, attracting more and more people to enter the patchwork of fields. A large number of entities, the fabrics of online stores are opening, and the student age limit new sewing the classroom is also growing. Sewing machine more creative and bring the fun of DIY, and feelings of a return to innocence era.
Sewing machine come a long history, although the "new three years, three years old, a patchwork again three years" era, but make the spirit and the virtue will not go out of style. The golden age of sewing, it seems the glory days of the folk art is long gone, now rising obviously, sewing also pick up by young people and transform the road of the innovation.