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Sewing machine power leader's quality Time:2014-08-28    views:

Unconsciously, China sewing machinery industry are changing a new role.
For 30 years, industry from scratch, from small gradually big, from weak to strong. Copy from the original imitation, imitation to innovation grow, to the independent innovation motivation strong today, sewing machinery industry in China has thousands of miles a day.
For many years, following the development of type brings good learning knowledge learning ability, work of 7 entrepreneurship, unity thriving industry collaboration. As latecomers, we firmly grasp the opportunity of industry transfer twice, in the east wind of reform and opening up, remarkable achievements. Finally one day, once the teacher began to aging, the students Chinese yesterday, people can not help but ask, if we really started to become a leader?
There is no doubt that we must choose to be a leader. This is a sign of power, generations of sewing machine are coveted achievements, is the strategic choice of the era have entrusted to industry; Do leader, is the ultimate goal of industry development. As the development environment and the changes in the way, we the quality of economic development, industrial structure optimization, industrial pattern, the result of the core competitiveness have higher requirements; Do the front-runner, and change the way of development. From labor-intensive to technology-intensive, this is the path of the industry in the new period innovative development mode selection and development strategy. Leader by doing it, we will change the industries and enterprises to participate in international competition in the new situation of the new pattern of profit distribution. As a leader, we have a voice to grab the commanding heights.
However, want to have respect, but also worthy of respect. Still need to have three five "heart" of "a".
The "heart", the first to have ambition. More than 30 years of practice has proved that the development of the industry road is right, sets up the ambition is to establish the strategic target, have vision of globalization, advance the strategic vision; Secondly has confidence. Industry has a large number of unyielding and hard work, the first entrepreneurs, they is the backbone of the industry; Finally, practice the desire to do better. We are well aware of their strengths, but not arrogance, Europe and the United States, Japan, more than 200 years of industrialization remains is the precious wealth, the accumulation of catching up will take time, sharpening all rivers run into sea mind, the cultivation in the mountains small masculinity and background.
Five "one", you will need to be talent, management, technology, products, market of the first. We have become the world's strongest, the most important sewing machinery manufacturing center and marketing center, the market for the first name is. And talents, management, technology, products, a growing number of backbone enterprises not only has developed many par products, technology leading international level, even in the production management and operation mode innovation is on the move, becoming the first is not out of reach.
But need to be alert, restricting our higher achievements of risks and challenges remain. In the rising cost of various elements and double oppression of a lack of innovation, competition in the market to grow, industrial concentration, evolution is the necessity of industrial upgrading, the industry reshuffle. Without suffering consciousness, maybe today is the first loser tomorrow; No innovative thinking, maybe proud winner, today has become yesterday.
Leader, need to look up at the starry sky, slowly can also be simple to feet on the ground.
Article source: China sewing equipment network