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To explore the road of the powerful nation - sewing machine Time:2014-08-27    views:

The longitudinal look at the history of International Sewing machinery, every country in the reigning “ ” change, each time the industrial pattern of the passing of night, without exception, are accompanied by changes in the industrial transfer and change. Today, in the Chinese sewing machine strategy planning goal on the occasion, the reporter dialogue industry experts Lei Jie, with his sewing machinery industry nearly fifty years of experience, change on the road to a powerful nation in world sewing machine.

Q: in the world of sewing machine industry history, once shined which dominate the time power?

A: with be raging like a storm, the first industrial revolution in 1851, the world's first all lock stitch sewing machine is made of metal materials in the SINGER come out, which marks the sewing machines to replace manual sewing start from this. After one hundred years, the sewing machine, the rapid rise in the USA europe. Europe and the United States opened a sewing machine industry for over a hundred years of monopoly history, but also created a solid foundation for it to become the first country.

When the time came to twentieth Century 50 years, sewing machinery industry began to sprout development in Japan as the representative of the Western Pacific region. Japan at that time to grasp the opportunity of the world textile, garment industry shifting to Asia after the war, rely on large military enterprise restructuring opportunities, the rapid establishment of supporting system technology, parts of sewing machine industry, the formation of a strong international competitiveness, lower than the European and American countries to half or 1\/3 of the price, to compete with Europe and the United States products.

Sewing machine products in Japan, with the advantage of low labor costs, the formation of low price advantage, quickly instead of products in Europe and america. In the 70's of last century, after nearly 100 years of monopoly, and sewing machinery industry has been hitherto unknown impact, enterprises have started to adjust, change the line of production, or even close. So far, the Japanese finally boarded the world sewing machine overlord position.

Q: transfer second industry is in what background? Reasons for the two industrial transfer are the same?

A: since the beginning of the last century 90's, the world sewing machinery industry a new round of the deeper restructuring and large-scale industrial transfer: Japan and Europe and the United States because of sharply rising labor costs, lead to the sewing machinery products prices, a serious threat to the development of sewing machinery industry in Japan and Europe and the United states. Then, the second regional transfer &mdash world sewing machine industry; — transfer to China continent.

To the 90's of the twentieth Century, the world sewing machine industry transfer to China mainland area significantly faster. At the beginning of this century, the basic completion of the second transfer. Sewing machine industry is highly concentrated in the China, make Chinese become the world sewing machine products, production, sales of be worthy of the name of the country. Foreign companies have set up production bases in China, has completed a transfer to the Chinese. Moreover, in the period American friend Ning Company is heavy machine purchase; the Italy nanci company, Limandi company's bankruptcy in Europe; Germany Du Kepu company, Adler corporate restructuring, Belford company repeated bankruptcy protection and transfer and enterprises from the sewing machine industry events.

Through Europe and the United States, Japan and transfer of Japan, comparison of transfer transfer two industrial Chinese, because of inside and outside are basically the same: environment influence external world textile, garment industry transfer, internal factor is the sharp rise of the cost of labor transfer and the undertaking to low price advantage.