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Strategic situation "sewing equipment industry power attack" Time:2014-08-26    views:

Who is full of dreams, just as thirty years ploughing ceaselessly, created a brilliant Chinese sewing machinery industry, from big to strong always persist firmly in the dream of great power. Now, in the Chinese dream resounded present, sewing machine industry faces numerous challenges, to realize the dream of power desire, is practical and urgent.

To improve the quality of the technology innovation, achievement, brand building, market development and other aspects of the accumulation, strategy started making, after analyzing the rationality of science, has favorable external conditions, more enormously proud of one's success on the road to power.


Sailing time

China has become one of the most powerful, the most important sewing machinery manufacturing center and marketing center. With the continuous enhancement of the independent innovation ability, product structure adjustment and optimization, industry concentration significantly improve, the scale of industry to the production system, from technology innovation to brand building, sewing machine power increasingly solid foundation.

However, scale, quantity and quality, benefit, strong, big and not strong is always lie Chinese sewing machine towards a higher goal. Although from imitation to embark on the road of independent innovation, but the shortcut consciousness is still strong, the basis of independent innovation is weak; the product structure adjustment and achieved certain results, to speed up the adjustment of electromechanical integration direction, but homogeneity, low profits worry gradually; industry has formed a number of large enterprise scale, management, brand the advantage of medium characteristics, enterprise development pattern only do fine, but the vast majority of enterprises are small, scattered, chaotic, still lack characteristic and sustainable development viability.

It seems “ strong ” has touched the threshold, but the difficulties. In the twelfth five year plan, put forward a series of scientific evaluation and analysis summarizes the development goal, now the twelfth five year is coming to an end, the achievements have laid a solid foundation for the us to the country, but from the “ ” there are far worse, where, and how to reach the shore of victory? These thoughts are also placed in front of every industry colleagues.

After the dream, Time will not wait for me. “ &rdquo is the thirteenth; sprint towards power, speeding up the realization of industry from big to strong ambitious development goals, in view of the above question, &ldquo, by the Chinese Sewing Machinery Association initiated; Chinese sewing machinery power development strategy research of ” research emerge as the times require.