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In 2014 the sewing machinery industry networking technology application seminar held in Beijing - Time:2014-08-25    views:

In July 31st, China Sewing machinery industry networking technology application seminar held in Beijing. 30 members from the industry backbone enterprises, research institutes and technical experts famous garment enterprises gathered around the development of industry, the technology of the Internet of things begin to actively discuss. The Ministry of industry and consumer Gao Yanmin of vice director of Department of science and Technology Department, navigation, money, China Sewing Machinery Association chairman He Ye, vice chairman Lin Jian long attended the meeting.


Start meeting theme report, interactive discussion and ideas shows the form, meeting around the influence, the current environment on Internet of things technology industry significance as well as the Internet of things to give industry opportunities and challenges, and how to effectively use the Internet of things technology, accelerate the technology of Internet of things and sewing equipment industry into are the key exchange. Ministry of industry and information technology department director, deputy manager of Hang Qian embroidery machine technology center director Zhong Kang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi'an, Zhu Qiang, Hao company around, Shanghai and Eagle company vice chairman Ling Jun, Suzhou technical adviser to TP Wang Lapeng and a group of technical experts made presentations from their point of view.