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Household sewing machine common faults and maintenance methods-2 Time:2014-08-23    views:

5. The noise from the conveying mechanism
Analysis: the spire cone screw wear or loose, feed dog loose touch needle plate, needle distance adjusting mechanism. Processing method: grinding or readjust the spire taper screw, will feed dog touch needle board reset, reset, or tighten stitch regulator screw.
6. Noise from swinging shuttle mechanism
Analysis: put the spindle and the spindle bed wear causes the gap is big, runs and runs a gap is too large and impact. Processing method: replace place such as spindle and the spindle bed, adjust the interval or replace new runs and runs.
7. General noise
Analysis: the shaft, the shaft and bushing wear, that move up and down the shaft of the channeling; Or the machine is short of oil. Methods: under the new shaft, shaft and shaft sleeve, or adjust the clearance between the axial plane, pay attention to maintenance, add the lubricating oil on time.
The problem of line card
1. With dirt. (push the needle plate, take out the spindle, spindle bed, bobbin, brush with cotton cloth rub-up, again cloth with coarse net duck feather brush his teeth in the dirt, drops of oil to run) on;
2. The nose clip wire, spring too tight or too loose. (adjust the firmness, make it smooth and natural pull);
3. The screw on the spindle sleeve is too tight or too loose. (method is simple, the adjusting screw);
4. To the problem of card wire and two prevention method, a line is the bottom line thickness to remain consistent. Second, must according to the rules of order threading, can't wear the wrong.
The problem of disconnection
1. Sewing machine needle is blunt, cause the needle bar deformation.
Methods: in the needle, sewing machine needle, beginners should use 14 its strength and toughness than 9, 12 sewing machine needles and durable;
2. The presser foot, feed dog, spindle tip burr.
Methods: instant replacement.
1. The line is floating
Analysis: the thread clamp pressure is too small. Methods: tighten clamp line, cotton thread tension.
2. The bottom line is floating
Analysis: robbin spring is too loose. Processing method: tighten robbin spring screw, increase the bottom line tension.
3. The stitch length is short
Analysis: the presser foot pressure is too small. Processing method: tighten the tensioner.
4. Each needle sewing the material below cable set, towel line set of shaped
Analysis: feed and pick line of action. Processing method: adjusting the feed CAM screw, feed and the pick line action humorous.
Fabric problems
1. Sewing the material wrinkle
Analysis: sewing machine needle broken tip, the bottom line tension is too large, differential improper adjustment. Processing method: new sewing machine needles, unscrew the spindle spring screws, readjust the differential mechanism.
2. Sewing the material below is "eating break" the formation of teeth marks
Analysis: feed the tooth tip is too sharp, too much stress on the presser foot. Processing method: oil bill chan feed grinding teeth pointed, spin SongYa foot pressure regulating screw.
3. The sewing the material below cable, sewing rip to the sound of fiber
Analysis: sewing machine needle broken tip or too dull. Methods: replace the new sewing machine needle.
4. Sewing the material stagnant
Analysis: low feed dog, presser foot pressure. Methods: raise feed dog, tighten the tensioner.
5. Go back and forth sewing the material
Analysis: feed dog is too high. Methods: adjust the feed dog.
6. Sew back can't sew
Analysis: feed displacement of CAM. Methods: adjust the position of the feed CAM.
7. Sewing the material irregularly inclined
Analysis: feed dog loaded askew or feed dog loose screws. Methods: correction feed dog feed dog and screw down the screws.
Breakage problem
1. The thick broken stitches
Analysis: sewing machine needle carefully or curved, sewing the material thickness is uneven, needle bar move too much. Methods: a new coarse needle, adapt to slow down hand sewing speed and feed, a new needle bar or needle bar set.
2. Short stitch needle, needle breakage
Analysis: feed dog lag, feed dog is unqualified, sewing machine needle touch back-end feed dog and needle breakage. Methods: should adjust the position of the feed CAM, shorten appropriately stitch or a new feed dog.
3. The sewing machine needle is broken under the needle plate
Analysis: sewing machine needle position is low, the sewing machine needle touch the spindle, spindle didn't packed bed, spindle tip touch sewing machine needle, runs against the sewing machine needle end sides gap is too small or too large, runs touch needle or lose their protective role. Processing method: adjust the position of the needle bar or sewing machine needle, turntable runs adjust runs with sewing machine needle end clearance.
4. The sewing machine needle break above the needle plate
Analysis: hand sewing the material too hard, cause bent sewing machine needle, presser foot screw loosening, the presser foot skew touch needle sewing machine, the feed CAM displacement in sewing the material tensile sewing machine needle, sewing the material with hard objects make touch broken sewing needle. Processing method: strengthen the operating practice, the positive pressure feet tighten screw, adjust the feed CAM screw location.
When sewing machine sewing needle jumping problems
A, first determine cause jump needle
1, check the sewing machine needles are in good condition (bending, tip obtuse, whether it is right, etc.).
2, check whether the case line is correct, especially whether the line on the block line board, as it is easy to jump on the needle.
3, how about the quality of check line, whether should add silicone oil lubrication.
After more than two, points out, should check with the relation between curved needle sewing machine needle
1, check the curved needle eat the potential relationship between with sewing needle. In general, when the needle bar down to the lowest point and started to pick up, most the right side of the sewing machine needle and thread ring formation, curved needle can begin to penetrate. Location is a standard for potential: curved needle sewing machine needle relations with the left is that when a curved needle swing to the left from right to left when sewing machine needles, threading hole behind her squarely in the left side of the sewing machine needle tip above about 0.5 ~ 1 mm.
2, check with curved needle sewing machine needle interference (gap) between the relationship. Generally speaking, the sewing machine needle can appropriate some deflection, is the most the right side (the shortest) inside with curved sewing machine needle should be 0 ~ 0.05 mm gap between the most with curved to the left of the sewing machine needle should have - 0.03 ~ 1 mm gap between this 2 ° ~ 5 ° deflection Angle. When curved needle from the left (dead) began to swing to the right, left, straight lines with curved beard needle should be 1.5 ~ 2.5 mm distance between eye, then left the back through the bending straight needle, namely straight needle through the curved needle and thread, which is through the curved needle triangle coil, and a 0 ~ 0.05 mm size of interference, or is likely to lead to jump needle.
3 check before and after, and the relationship between the straight needle, needle due to the large apron pin and straight needle, cause straight needle and thread ring formation is not ideal, and forming time slow, cause curved needle through the loop, straight needle is not stable, easy dislocation caused by needle jumping. Nursing department position too high or too low, also easy to cause line bubble thrown out, cause jump needle. Before and after the nursing department of position: with straight guard needle between due before - 0.01 ~ 0 mm gap. The height of the apron pin location: when the curved needle from right to left behind through the straight needle, needle protection should be higher than before the most on the left side of the sewing machine needle tip about 1 mm; Guard after needle height should be straight needle and thread ring can form and will not affect the curved needle threading. Above points can refer to the instruction part drawing myself.
4, all jump straight in sewing needle. This is because the curved needle through straight needle and thread ring, due to the fabric thick seam allowance, straight needle back, curved needle in front of the straight needle through. The most common causes is protection of needle failed to reach the designated position. As long as the back to straight guard needle stick close after a bit. With a little touch sewing machine needle can protect the needle. With straight and apron needle between clearance is a little bit small, as long as the barren, constantly sewing machine needle, it is good to break.
5, caused by loose line CAM jump needle. How to generally look curved needle and thread tension degree, whether caused by wire feeding time too early. If early to cause, as long as will pick the CAM adjusted slowly. When the line through the corner on the left side of the sewing machine needle triangle, should see deltoid tightness conform to penetrate need. String lengths, the pick line CAM send line fast; Too tight, the line is slow, should be accordingly adjusted.