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Household sewing machine common faults and maintenance methods Time:2014-08-22    views:

Sewing machine vibration fault
Should put 1. The machine is stable, the machines are smooth, hook structure is the key to modern sewing machine noise level, and the size of the vibrations, when installing machine bolt must be screwed firmly, the screw on the counter to turn darker, not to reveal surface.
2. When using the machine, people don't all the weight of the pressure on the counter, in case the bedplate deformation.
The machine is in operation
1. The nose through rotation
Analysis: the wrong lubricating oil, especially posited vegetable oils; Too much dirt in spindle bed; Connecting rod bolts, taper screw too tight. Methods: after use kerosene wash, to inject sewing machine oil; Cleaning spindle bed; Ensure the gap adjustment screw loose.
2. When turning, through half a circle, slide or every half a circle round a through point
Analysis: the spindle bed inside round cable head, running through half a circle and not only when accompanied by severe jitter and noise; Feed dog position on the high side or slot inside the accumulation of dirt, make the rising feed dog and needle plate collision. Methods: clean up the spindle bed, and infuse a little sewing machine oil; Clean or lower feed dog; Replace or straightening needle bar.
3. The nose stuck can't move
Analysis: the forward feed dog position or too, touch needle plate; Needle rod installation position is too high, touch the chassis. Processing method: adjust the position of feed dog, of the needle, needle bar height adjustment.
4. The noise from the needle
Analysis: the needle bar, needle bar set, such as small connecting rod wear to move too much; Small connecting rod screws and needle bar crank screws is loose. Processing method: changing the needle bar, small needle bar set, connecting rod and other accessories; To tighten the screws connecting rod, needle bar crank screws is loose.