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Sewing equipment industry strategy take "attack" Time:2014-08-21    views:

For full of dreams, as regular farming ceaseless, repeated in thirty years splendid China sewing machinery industry, by the power of the big teams dream all along. Now, in the Chinese dream from China, numerous challenges facing the industry sewing machine, to realize the dream of power desire, is practical and urgent.
Through technical innovation, quality improvement, the achievements of brand building, market development, etc, the presentation for amplification of power strategy, after the rational scientific analysis, have the right place, right time and external conditions, on the way to the power of a more hopeful.
Set sail at that time
China has become the world's strongest, the most important sewing machinery manufacturing center and marketing center. But as the industry continues to enhance its capability of independent innovation, optimize the product structure adjustment, industry concentration increased significantly, from industry to the production system, from technological innovation to brand building, the basis of the sewing machine power is becoming more and more solid.
However, size, quantity, do big, efficiency, quality, stronger, big but not strong is always stand the fetters of China sewing machine towards a higher goal. Although from imitation to set foot on the road of independent innovation, but to take shortcuts consciousness is still strong, the basis of independent innovation is still weak; Effective product structure adjustment has been made, to continue to the integration of mechanical and electronic to speed up the adjustment, but homogeneity, low profits, etc concerns appeared gradually; Industry preliminary formation of some large enterprises have the advantage of scale, management, brand, specialization medium characteristic enterprise development pattern with the spirit of "small, scattered and disorderly, but the vast majority of enterprises are still lack of special features and the viability of the sustainable development.
Seems to be "strong" has got the threshold, but very difficult. In the 12th five-year plan, put forward a series of after scientific analysis evaluation induces the development goals, five-year now is coming to an end, achievements to consolidate the foundation of us to power, but exactly how far is from the "strong", where is the worse, and how to reach the shore of victory? These thinking also before the every industry colleagues.
Chasing dreams, time and tide wait for no man. Is "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" sprint towards power, in order to speed up the achieve the grand development of the industry by the big teams goal, aiming at these questions, organized by China sewing machinery association, started the "China sewing machinery power development strategy research" project arises at the historic moment.
In response, China sewing machinery association, chairman of the He Ye concluded, put forward the strategy of power at this stage, is first in the industry for the development of confidence and faith. No matter what difficulties, under the uncertainty in the economic development environment, the industry must be according to the development goals. Grim situation not around we achieve the goal of power, more will not stand in the way of the industry stronger confidence. Second, to measure whether we become one of the important indexes of power, is the enterprise whether has the compressive ability to resist risks.