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Sewing equipment the card the line? Time:2014-08-20    views:

Sewing equipment in use inevitably some small problems. And the most faults of sewing equipment for sewing equipment card line. A person working in the sewing machine industry for 10 years, said sewing equipment line, like walking trip, swim on water, eating is choking, occur. It's not a matter of machines, but use, is the problem. If you can't accept the fact that sewing machine possible line card, if not willing to master how to take the initiative to avoid problems, then the sewing machine may be a little. Especially, I will try new action will make the sewing machine failure probability is higher.
[Q] :
"Why do I always card line of sewing machine? Good tired ah, down so many places, or total card, what can BuKa line? Die of heart have!"
【 A 】 :
The current household sewing machine manufacturing process and the structure, line card is very prone to failure, can be said to be a group of functional defects. The only thing we have to do is try to avoid.
I used a dozen sewing machine, the most not easy card line to win the home L500 and VIKING only gold 140 c, from Sweden's design, these two products have a lot of sensors, to take the initiative to avoid card line. Especially the VIKING sunken the stranded wire hook design, but also from the structure of utmost avoid this situation. Even so, there are people use, the phenomenon of the broken needle.
Remember I was in use NV400, at that time, I am not familiar with electric sewing machine, card line card in a great mess, just like crazy. Nearly 5000 pieces of sewing machine, out of order, all kinds of miserable. No one told me what to do. All the web pages are not about domestic household sewing machine the method of how to operate, and troubleshoot helpless, had to slowly groping.
After rectified time, I also slowly accustomed to the emergence of the problem such as line card, summarizes the found that these phenomena can be avoided.
"What is a card line"
Card has the following several ways:
Line 1, the sewing machine was suddenly a pile of twisted, needle is to live, can't move;
2, or repeated line in cloth under the clouds of phenomenon;
3, line tension puzzling tensions.
The causes of card wire 】 【
1, useless thread stand, or line to put in the right position.
2, wear rose line forgot presser foot pole, or forget don't needle into the machine before.
3, did not put down the presser foot began to sew.
4, needle can bend.
5, bobbin case burr.
6, fabric is too thin, soft, elastic, smooth, not easy to control. Knitted fabric as the main culprit, must be careful.
7, uneven thickness of fabrics, especially FengBao package suddenly thickening edges, etc.
8, or the line material is not straight is elastic or poor quality, etc.
9, machine installation problem, apart to clean up, maintenance, not installed in place, etc.