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How to choose and buy household multi-functional sewing machine Time:2014-08-18    views:

Household multi-functional sewing machine, mainly used for personal stitched fabric, such as various family small ornament, clothing production, modification, etc. 
More kinetic energy sewing machine sewing stitch and tidy quality characteristics, stitch evenly, no jump needle, needle break, break, and line phenomenon, 
running fast, small noise, bright appearance, presser foot not cut fabric. So, how to choose and buy household multi-functional sewing machine? The following is 
to introduce for you.
1, the function
With two layers of woven fabric fitting a metre long, see line mark whether neat, presence of disconnection, jump line, floating line. At the same time, turn the 
sewing machine, the head up and down freely neatly on scaling and rotation, the noise is too big. And check all sorts of line spacing, whether its function is well-
found, the presence of clip wire, bolt, machine needle and the distance of the shuttle, runs, runs, pointed is normal.
2, a visual inspection
Through the external surface of the eye view, hand to touch to check sewing machine for the breakage and uneven phenomenon have scratches, whether 
decorative pattern and the handwriting clear and firm, whether machine modelling, color is beautiful and easy.
3, the examination such as trademarks
From color, pattern, handwriting, process, etc., see multi-function sewing machine brand presence of counterfeit marks in addition, the random inspection quality 
certificate, see their level of quality, whether the seal, and manufacture date, etc.