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Sewing equipment maintenance, cleaning and lubrication is very important Time:2014-08-16    views:

In the use of sewing equipment, had to pay attention to what? That is "clean". If we can keep the daily maintenance of equipment, you can not make dust, lint accumulation, failure will not occur, can make the machine be used in a good condition. ?
Also, in the machine for cleaning at the same time, can also find some abnormal situation. To repair machine failure accidents, most reason is caused by the accumulation of dust or thread. ?
Not just make sure to clean sweep of the sewing machine, also can find anomalies. For cleaning, maintenance is very important. ?
Of course, there is no need to make the needle bar and the surface of the bent pin shaft have no oil at all. As long as the removal of dust, wipe gently is enough. For shape of parts is very complex miscellaneous place, use a toothbrush to clean, can go there easily In addition to the dust. Also, some sharp on the sewing machine parts, in the process of cleaning, should be very attention, don't hurt. ?
Key parts of cleaning?
For sewing machine not only don't make it fails, but also guarantee the quality of sewing, with five of the most important place. For these place, if can thoroughly cleaned clean, can sew a beautiful stitch. These places, in order to clean, it is recommended that cleaning once a week. ?
(1) machine beard needle around (photo 2 wipe the needle bar)
(2) around the hook (photo 3 clean around the hook)/around the curved needle (photo 4 sweep around the curved needle)
(3) the tangent cutter (cloth cutter) around (photo 5 tangent cleaning)
(4) the oil pan (photo 6 cleaning)
(5) as a whole to wipe (including the machine) to wipe, clean?
Does the different models, different shape, is the same important clean the place. ?
2, the maintenance of the second step is to "lubrication", lubrication is the guarantee (try to be lubricated once a day)?
The choice of engine oil:?
JUKI as JUKI sewing machine used by the "pure oil", has four kinds. When sewing machine for maintenance, please use the most suitable for the integrity of the sewing machine oil. ?
Low on sewing machine oil (grease) introduction:?
JUKI the authenticity of the oil is the No. 1, No. 2, No. 18 of the three species, cleaning (such as sewing machine, the machine hand get enough range)? . Their properties vary. Even the oil quality goods, but if you are using is not kind of engine oil, can cause the machine inside the oil can't circulation, as well as oil leakage, etc. ?
The location of the refueling points?
Key parts of the lubricating oil quantity adjustment?
A, oil to adjust the sewing machine the hook method (be sure to turn off the power supply)?
Through the oil quantity adjusting screw, adjust please click below to confirm that the amount of oil method. (detailed explanations about the adjustment method of sewing machine installation instructions.) ?
1, lifting presser foot, let hook idling more than 30 seconds. ?
2, copy paper, such as test paper every 5 seconds underneath are rotating hook. Please don't let paper mobile in the determination. In addition, also please note that don't let the fingers touch the high-speed rotating hook, etc. ?
3, this paper will leave linear oil stains. According to the breadth of the oil stains, can determine whether oil well. ?
Oil stains the within 1 乣 2 mm wide is normal. According to the different sewn products, oil amount will have more or less, but if reduce too much, in the high-speed sewing machine, rotary hook will be burnt, it is important to note, please. ?
B, about the shaft fixed screw wick?
When the adjustment screw to adjust oil, could be garbage blocked the shaft fixed screw wick. At this time to remove the hook, sweep wick or replace the product. In addition, due to the material more soft shaft under fixed screw, please pay attention to during installation.
? The adjustment of c, head of oil?
Facial oil is generally don't need to adjust. However, in the case of the nose oil supply less or more serious oil deposition, please adjust in the following order. Remove the panel, located on the rotating shaft of the fuel quantity adjusting pin, adjust oil amount. ? This part is not screw, but pin, it can be rotate. ? When adjusting facial oil also don't come out, that it is possible from the pump to the facial oil supply device has a problem. In addition, if there is excessive facial base oil deposition, could come from the face to the circulation pump of the institutions.