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The development of the sewing machine Time:2014-08-15    views:

Sewing machine, sewing machine or sewing machine, also known as the cantonese call clothing car, Taiwanese more follow Japanese said Mishin (ミ シ ン) or "needle".
Sewing machine is a textile machine, is to use one or more sewing thread, on sewing the material form of one or more lines, make sewing the material of layer or one multilayer mixed or stitching machine.
Sewing machine in the first invented during the industrial revolution, the main purpose is to reduce the workload of garment factory sewing by hand.
Sewing machines are supposed to be in 1790 by the British Thomas Saint of invention. Since then, the sewing machine greatly raise the efficiency of the production of textile and clothing industry.
In China in the late 1950 s, the sewing machine become one of the so-called four items. Can sewing machine sewing cotton, hemp, silk, wool, synthetic fiber, fabric and leather, plastic, paper products, such as sewing stitch and tidy and beautiful, smooth and firm, sewing speed is quick, simple and convenient to use.
Sewing machine is nearly three hundred years since the invention, when even the modern industrial product design has not yet been born.
Although today's most advanced sewing machines on the modelling and its predecessor, but it was already equipped with color display, built-in lights, retractable lens, automatic embroidery embroidering diagram, you don't need hands, any a person can become a skilled tailor.