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Household sewing equipment operating environment matters needing attention Time:2014-08-13    views:

1, sewing equipment after use and before cleaning, disconnect the power supply.
2, must remove the plug before replacement bulbs, replacing the light bulb must be the manufacturer provides special bulb.
3, when sewing equipment used by children or close to the child must pay special attention to, sewing equipment is not a toy.
4, have to be booked in strict accordance with the manual use this sewing machine operation, parts should be according to the original configuration.
5, the power cord, the plug is damaged, must be replaced.
After 6, dropped, damaged or falls into the water, shall not operate a sewing machine, sewing machine to professional maintenance station to inspect and repair.
7, air vent is blocked, can not sewing machine operation, should avoid fiber dust, dust accumulation, and cloth on the sewing machine vents and foot switch.
Eight, can not insert any object into or openings.
9 good habit, keep clean sewing machines.
10 and away from heat source.
11 don't pull, pull the plug wire. Should take to pull plug instead of wire.
12, fingers away from the movement parts, near the sewing machine needle should especially pay attention to.
13, can not use a curved needle.
14, the line, don't pulled, that will lead to migration and broken needle.
16, do anything in this manual said other user maintenance, debugging, sewing machine must be pulled out of a plug from the socket
(1) must be confirmed before plug-in power supply voltage is consistent with the machine, some of the sewing machine voltage is 110 abroad.
(2) change the light bulb when cut off power supply first, must be careful when discharge lamp, beware of being light bulb burns, must use the same power, voltage light bulb.
(3) formal before sewing, please try using the same fabric seam.
(4) most of the household sewing machines need to add lubricating oil regularly, add oil, absorb excess oil with waste cloth, so as to avoid pollution sewing the material. True household sewing machine without oil.