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1. 2 kinds of auxiliary parts
Determined and guide ruler, guide rack, limiter, sewing the material controller, guide plate or tools to block, etc., as the name implies, is used to provisions on sewing equipment size, guide the operation of auxiliary equipment. Determined can be installed in a particular position of sewing equipment, used to limit or directed edge sewing the material or other parts of the joint spacing, makes the easy operation and sewn products from the edge is consistent, seam equal distance.
2. The presser foot class auxiliary parts
Presser foot is sewing equipment is an indispensable component in conveying mechanism, it plays a compression or reliable clamping sewing the material the machine feeding, to ensure that the needle thread ring formation smoothly and a reliable hook is to cancel. Now finalize the design of all kinds of sewing machine equipments are designed according to the different requirements of using the object of the presser foot, so all have their own limitations, if on all kinds of sewing equipment replacement different special pressure feet, can be overcome and improve the existing limitations, increase its new features, this is the way to obtain the wasted effort effect.
3. The kind of auxiliary feeding way
Feeding movement is one of the most basic sewing operations, but the earliest sewing machine But have not conveying mechanism, in other words, the first conveying mechanism in the form of auxiliary parts, currently in the tens of thousands of kinds of sewing equipment, designed for feeding task performance of different feeding way has a lot of.
4. The seam class auxiliary parts
Seam is to hem the various the floorboard of the auxiliary parts, sewing machine is auxiliary pieces of one of the most important role in the family. Seam includes double edge detector, three edge machine, folding machine, overlock machine, etc four types.
5. Embedded device class auxiliary parts
Embedded device is embedded in sewing products, all kinds of reinforcement, rope, belt, line with high quality and efficiency of special sewing accessories, from seam a category of auxiliary a derived class.
6. Pleating machine auxiliary parts
Pleating machine is specially earlier to auxiliary pleated edge sewing of assistive devices. And feeding way, there are a large part of the tucker has become a dedicated pleating perfect equipment, not only can be on the edge, but also for large area and even the whole piece of sewing the material pleat sewing, can play the pleat figure has been more than a few hundred.
7. Other types of auxiliary parts
Such as commonly used threader, winding line mark machine, keyhole machine, stretch belt, presser foot lifter, powerful tractor, etc. Due to the use of all kinds of auxiliary parts, so as to make the sewing machine to increase new functions, to achieve the effect of  and effor, high speed and automation. The use of auxiliary parts can obtain remarkable economic benefit