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The classification of the sewing equipment assembly and preparation Time:2014-08-11    views:

Sewing equipment structure is very complicated, not only including the design of mechanical structure of the gear drive, tape drive, the crank rocker mechanism, etc., and there are a lot of exclusive agency. If in accordance with the method of assembly, the assembly method of sewing equipment can be divided into:
The general assembly, group assembly, dual assembly and parts assembly, school bus machine assembly and debugging, testing and debugging, etc. If according to the requirements of different models and assembly, sewing machine assembly can be divided into: flat sewing machine assembly, bag sewing machine assembly, stretch sewing machine assembly and special machine assembly, etc. If the feeding forms of different classification, can be divided into needle, the feed double synchronous machine assembly, the upper and lower feed double synchronous machine assembly, three integrated synchronous machine assembly, assembly and poor motivation wheel assembly, etc.
In the process of sewing machine production, assembly needs to include the following areas:
(1) understanding of the main structure and working principle of the machine.
(2) the component list and part drawing number and the amount of understanding;
(3) assembly tools, jig, measuring tools and assembly drawing read;
(4) parts of recipients, quality analysis, defect identification;
The assembling of the parts of a (5) and measurement;
(6) assembly of the machine and measurements, and the quality of the machine analysis, judgment;
(7) the machine fault on the debugging and maintenance.
Also should be considered in the assembly process of common faults and fault in the process of product use, its use should also be considered when necessary environment and operation method.