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Sewing culture to return Time:2014-08-09    views:

Every things will experience a "golden age, tide people sought after it, even the birds are talking about it. For another, many people feel surprise is sewing the golden age, it seems folk art glory days are long gone, now, apparently, is on the rise.
Last year more than 2 million sewing machines imported into the United States (and all sewing machines are imported in the United States). Like its Cousins weaving, sewing is a new generation of young people to regain and transform the road of the innovation. In DIY and crafts culture leads, the young women in each team to start the sewing. A large number of entities, the fabrics of online stores are opening, and the student age limit new sewing the classroom is also growing. Quick search through Youtube video and blogs can be found in the thousands of video, tutorials, free downloads of the works of design and the inspiration.
Sewing renewed popularity may be because of the beautiful fabrics and inspirational TV program (such as the United States design handsome reality Project Runway), but it really comes down to advanced sewing machines easy to operate. Before 1851, sewing is laborious and frustrating. Mr Isaac Singer by adjusting the existing design which changed all this, to create all of the available sewing machine.
Now continue to innovate, the sewing machine sewing from a grind incident leisure activity has become an easy to learn, you can even sewing when drinking red wine with friends (especially when sewing machine operation!)
"Many people see their grandmother in older but well-made sewing machine, so that to get a good sewing machine must make a lot of investment. But now you really can buy a very beautiful and no more than $150 as your first sewing machine sewing machine." In Atlanta, fabrics sewing studio Whipstitch boss Deborah Moebes said.
Although they may be more cheap, today's sewing machine can help women to create strong, high quality work. Moebes, one at the same time on the Internet and field teaching of the teacher said. She said: "our student age is mostly between the ages of 25 and 45, and received a good education lady. They were interested to try to create, to make both practical and creative works. More hope to be able to reply to the historical tradition, by children and grandchildren generations down the works as a family heirloom."