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Leisure, like local manual sisters might as well come to the shop around, you can gain an unexpected surprise, and a day of good mood!
In the 1970 s, the sewing  is indispensable for every family "big". As the household consumption upgrading, old-fashioned stamped on the sewing machine, almost disappeared in the market. Nearly two years, small, "body" portable electric sewing machine, entered people's life, become a lot of cloth art lovers "darling".
New home desktop multi-function sewing machine, compact appearance, prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of yuan. Home desktop multi-function sewing machine and the difference from old sewing machines, electric, it is controlled by external stepless pedal. The volume of a second, it is only about one over ten of the old model, function is old type more than a dozen times and even more, and began to intelligent direction.
Multi-function, overlock sewing machine can sew curve button, sewing, etc., basic can satisfy the all requirements of household. And an intelligent embroidery machine can be connected to the U disk, will be one of the pictures directly embroiders. The main function of household sewing machines have is not the garment sewing, but to become a women's leisure and entertainment tool, used in making some can meet the personalized needs of leisure sewing work, like handbags, decorations, cushion for leaning on, tapestries, dolls, or small children clothing, etc., to experience the fun of DIY. Sewing has become one of the course of labor skills classes of primary and middle school students.
This kind of sewing toward the other big cities like Shanghai in at first, in the past two years, is the love of many citizens of nantong. Now many are young women to buy a sewing machine, the store is standing there is a cloth art class, provide a simple materials, how to make cloth art professor at the scene. Many people bought a sewing machine, in cloth art class learning directly quilts, sewing and other sewing, learning to make cloth art cushion for leaning on, tablecloths, embroidery, and even make some simple skirt and blouse. Sewing machine more creative and bring the fun of DIY, and feelings of a return to innocence era.