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After 80 s girl open "home" of sewing, playing "quilt" business Time:2014-08-07    views:

Other sewing machine, to her a cloth, will feel a sense of accomplishment. Now, more and more urbanite fell in love with DIY. In June, after 80 s girl Fang Xiaojun nanjing first opened a quilt studio, at present already has more than 100 students to learn skills.
The reporter recently visited Fang Xiaojun quilts "home" of sewing workshop, colorful quilts "achievement" put on the shelf, big to tapestries, cushion for leaning on, small to mobile phone package, zero wallet, everything. "This I do one day is enough, but the students to learn and do to three days." Fang Xiaojun said, pointing to a small bag. Reporter at the scene also gave it a go, with two pieces of red cloth with a sponge "stepping out of a" mobile phone bags, although a simple cut, on line, the reporter also working for two hours.
Fang Xiaojun previously studied hotel management professional, why they decided to open a quilt studio? "The answer is simple, is interested." Fang Xiaojun said, she has been in Shanghai after graduation from the university of Japanese restaurants do manager, by chance met an American head of sewing machine enterprises, then the guest of a lady carry a cloth bag, particularly beautiful, and they talked just know, originally was made by myself. She was in love with a quilt, began to use spare time to study, and won the Japan trade association certificate machine sewing a quilt.
"I put more and more time on playing a quilt, then simply quit your job, opened a sewing machine distribution company in Shanghai." Fang Xiaojun said she sell sewing machine, while it yourself quilting, gradually grew up on a cloth art the idea of the classroom.
In June, Fang Xiaojun back to hometown nanjing, with the accumulation of capital opened the "home" of sewing. At present, the shop main courses in short-term quilt, also sell some foreign brands of sewing machine. Class past, have received more than 100 students, both retired old man, there is also a kind of pregnant mothers, and live in nanjing area of the germans.
"There is a pregnant woman during pregnancy has been coming to class, give the child made a full set of clothing, footwear, especially have love." Fang Xiaojun said the studio classes every afternoon, the course of a month, students will follow the teacher to do 6 works, including the apron, eat mat, cosmetic bag, etc., finish the can take home with yourself. Next, she will also add all kinds of quilts course, pass the concept of DIY to more people.