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Intelligent machines, sewing to return to the family Time:2014-08-06    views:

Grandma mother BeiEr wedding of one of the essential "3 big" sewing machine, casual and returned to the line of sight of people. Reporter discovery, a lot of tin city family again sounded the sewing machine, however, this time around the sewing machine is busy some fashionable white-collar "after 80". They crush on "dare", the use of leisure time, made up the handiwork sewing machine at home. Modern needlework: life emotional appeal Work in a hospital in tin city small fang is a "dare" fan, dozen small love because she, pregnancy is open the floodgates, whenever you have a "bubble" groping research in front of the sewing machine. The reporter sees, the use of small fang is a new type of electric sewing machine, this kind of electric sewing machine sewing machine more than traditional light and delicate, more powerful, even through the USB cable to connect computers, design character pattern and text. In the room of small fang, also is filled with all kinds of tao come back from the outside thread and cloth. "Sewing is mother BeiEr people's fine tradition, but now many people are not, but I want to inherit." Small fang said this sentence, are practising embroidery sewing machine a lovely rabbit. In her childhood memory, clothes, pants, and many are mother standing on a sewing machine. The embroidered in pockets and bottom of the rabbit, giraffe, often let the kids around the envy. "Now have children of their own, and I will give her to do with a picture of the mother embroidered clothes pants." Small fang said, once she thought she had no time to do the sewing, work, family, she is busy enough. Which know that one day, a coincidence, saw the long-lost sewing machine, suddenly had to move the heart, home after she began to do the "dare". "A glimmer comes to, not to open the computer after a large number of information" bombardment ", the heart also becomes quiet, I like this state." Small fang said, "modern needlework" has become a kind of brand-new life emotional appeal.