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Computer sewing equipment --Ensure good use environment Time:2014-08-05    views:

With the coming of information age, computer sewing equipment more impact with the old pure mechanical equipment, maintenance personnel need to understand and master computer sewing equipment maintenance and maintenance of new technologies, therefore, necessary to computer sewing equipment maintenance experience, technology, etc. Write a written, reference for the maintenance personnel.
(1) computer sewing equipment reasonable working environment, the first is not in a strong electrical noise or have high frequency welding equipment installation, strong electrical noise will affect the equipment or cause equipment can't work normally.
(2) the workshop should be in indoor temperature 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ advisable, the temperature too high or too low will affect the normal operation of the equipment.
(3) moisture can lead to internal short circuit, relative humidity shall be maintained at 45% ~ 85% for beautiful, not with a steam iron or equipment installation.
(4) the dust is easy to corrosion circuit board, so the equipment to keep clean, also must keep clean workshop.
(5) should be used stabilized voltage supply (power supply bureau or voltage regulator), equipment of power must be grounded. Is strictly prohibited in 380 v three-phase four-wire three-phase wire in office by a wire, to build a zero as the 220 v power supply, as the power cord of computer sewing equipment, so often cause equipment accident or crash frequently fault (mainly produced by the voltage too high or too low). Maintenance personnel tend not to pay attention to this point, but has struggled to adjust device, this may cause many unnecessary trouble, actually just need stable power supply, equipment back to normal soon.
(6) any computer sewing equipment should be under the condition of rated voltage power supply bureau, not more than plus or minus 10%, excessive or insufficient will affect the equipment cannot work normally, but supply the power consumption should be more than the sewing machine.
(7) of the machine should avoid direct exposure to the outside oblique sunlight, light easy to burn out the temperature display on the nose, the light shines in the rack is easy to burn out the chip inside the host, cause serious accident, so the sunshine can direct shop, should be an adornment door and curtain.
(8) lightning weather should turn off the power, because the lightning will directly affect the normal operation of the equipment.