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Household sewing machine to go home, go on! Time:2014-08-04    views:

In the international market, the multi-function console early become household necessities, sewing cloth art, makeup dot life. According to the American association for console is introduced, in euramerican market, one over ten of the family to use a sewing machine. Brother sewing machine is introduced, in Japan, the console penetration rate has remained at more than 70%, in 2013, Japan's domestic production of household sewing machine reached a staggering 100.71%. Schools for the seam art classroom; On display; Companies will also be a game of sewing, mother do cartoon backpack for children at home, lunch bag, chair cushion, such as household sewing machine already melt into their life.
We see console manufacturer of early domestic this huge potential consumer market, no matter how much the domestic market downturn, ukicra console companies still hasn't been stopped, and for preheating of the domestic market and expand, in line with international standards, the introduction of production line, the positive research and development production of the new multifunction console; Open chain stores in the major cities, supermarket, shopping center console counters, expand sales market, make its slowly return to the line of sight of people; Open seam art classroom, a quilt classrooms, demonstration, explaining the operation of the multifunction console way; Cats in jingdong, taobao, day line electric business platform, innovative sales model; Increase advertising, and related activities, promote related the popularity of art culture.
After years of unremitting efforts, along with the rapid development of national economy, the improvement of people's living standard and social civilization, the concept of leisure, the console market signs of recovery in acceleration.
In recent years our country household sewing machine production remain at around 5 million units, domestic sales in 2006 from the national steady rise of less than 100000 units, sales of 200000 units in 2011, to 2013 sales to 500000 units, some big cities of the console market appeared a growing exponentially. Multifunction console as people fashion leisure life information, step by step to complete the role transformation. This time, the console market is expected to be a strong recovery.