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The basic knowledge of sewing machine Basic machine sewing stitch and terminology Time:2014-08-02    views:

With the progress of science and technology, garment machinery and equipment is advanced, the pedal sewing machine has gradually been high, medium and low speed electric sewing machine, overlock sewing machine (three line machine (usually called) replaced, therefore as never exposed to migrant workers in the manufacturing industry of modern garment processing, from the basic learning, understanding of garment sewing of common tools and sewing terms are very important.
Garment sewing process is working people through the labor practice continuous improvement, the accumulation of the crystallization of excellent technology, it fully embodies the wisdom of the laboring people, although the stitching around the object, not necessarily the same, but the equipment is basically consistent, the principle of machining is basic same, in the past a lot of tailoring sewing book also are expounded and summarized in different degrees, but beginners are relatively heavy and complicated, can't learn, let's simple to the complex to tell you the basic knowledge of sewing machine.
Basic machine sewing stitch and terminology
Sewing, machine sewing, the basis of two layers of positive composite, along the seam edge sewing.
Separate seam: on the basis of flat seam, separate sewing two nails or iron the seam.
Reverse stitching: on the basis of flat seam, MAO seam unilateral fell seam.
To sew: first made slit 0.3 cm above, after pruning Mao Shao, fold the side seam composite made bottom seam margin of 0.7 cm.
Lap seam: sew two layers superimposed each other, in the middle sewing, the sewing is suitable for the collar lining, chest lining stitching.
Dark sewing: sewing inside said, the two layers of positive composite, the lower the parcel after the upper made 0.6 cm to 0.6 cm seam allowance, flip on the front, Ming made 0.4 cm of the single seam.
Ming sewing, commonly known as outsourcing, or layer two opposite composite, the lower the parcel after the upper made 0.8 cm to 0.8 cm seam allowance, flip sew the parcel fell, yanbian along is made 0.1 cm, seam of the qing dynasty.