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Domestic sewing machine:Get the gap ,Leading international Time:2014-08-01    views:

Sewing machine major producer in the world with China, Japan, Germany, Italy, South Korea and Chinese Taiwan area, etc., the annual production of about 17 million units, which accounts for about 50% of the total production in our country. But, huge market share and product technology content of sharp contradictions highlighted China's weak links as a sewing machine production and export power, only in the Chinese market, Japan and Germany firmly occupied 70% - 90% of the high-end market, that is to say, as a sewing machine production country, we still occupied low-end market. Computer, microelectronics and sensor and so on advanced technologies in many developed countries have already widely used, such as the laser technology, automation control technology is becoming mature, and these techniques for sewing equipment industry in our country, is still in its infancy.


In the fierce global market competition, the pace of r&d and innovation undoubtedly played a decisive role, it is understood that the current international has developed more than 6000 sewing machine, new varieties with ShengLiHua, automation, multi-functional, man-machine dialogue and human body engineering principle as the goal, according to the requirement of the clothing manufacturing users, development and manufacturing without oil bottom line sewing, unlimited and rapid response system, working on a new type of stereo and wireless sewing, sewing and fully realize the cad/CAM/cims. In addition, the product quality and stability, product marketing concept and theory of production technology research and so on, the sewing machine equipment industry in our country are exist with the international advanced enterprises relatively obvious gap, the so-called "the enemy and know yourself, fight", only clear own existence the flaw and the insufficiency, catch up with the shortcut to determine, to "get the gap, fast to catch up with"!